ENplus® is hiring !

The Head Office of the ENplus® certification scheme is hiring a Certification Assistant. The position is based in Brussels, it is a full-time equivalent starting in October/November 2018. The contract is a 6 months paid internship or 6 months fixed term contract, depending on experience. More information and application procedure is available here .

The Austrian Church as a promotor of Renewable heat

Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment and human ecology, Laudato Si [1] , from May 2015 has caused public interest, positive reactions and response throughout the world, especially among Catholics. The encyclical is subtitled “On Care For Our Common Home“. The Pope critiques consumerism and irresponsible development, laments environmental degradation and global warming, and calls all people of the world to … Read More

PR – ENplus® certifies 8.1 million tonnes of wood pellets in 2016 – a record for the quality scheme

Brussels 17.10.17 – In the wake of the release of AEBIOM’s Statistical Report 2017, the European Pellet Council (EPC, an AEBIOM network) in charge of ENplus® management, announced a record year for the wood pellet quality scheme. With over 8,1 million tonnes certified worldwide in 2016 and 9,2 million tonnes anticipated by the end of 2017, ENplus® confirms its leading … Read More

“Smart building” – A buzzword with opportunities for the EU pellet industry

  Christiane Egger is the Director of the Regional Energy Agency of Upper Austria. Founded in 1991, the agency runs various projects on energy-related issues with the main mission of promoting renewables and energy efficiency practices. To achieve these objectives, Christiane Egger is leading the CleanTech-Cluster , a regional energy platform established in 2000 that brings together key renewable energy providers … Read More

4th ENplus auditors workshop in Vienna

“ENplus” scheme brings together sector professionals at Holzforschung Austria in Vienna. The recent ENplus auditors’ workshop – the fourth of its kind – held in Vienna this November 29th at the premises of Holzforschung Austria (HFA) brought together several sector professionals to discuss upcoming challenges in pellet quality standards. The aim of such workshops is to facilitate the professional exchange between ENplus auditors to … Read More

EPC’s Annual Seminar In Tampere (FI)

EPC organised, late October in Tampere (Finland), its annual seminar gathering all the EPC members. This event allowed the members to share on the past and future activities of EPC. Thanks to the fruitful discussions,  improvements have been made on the EPC structure and the 2017 priorities have been set.